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Design and Build

Pacific Landscapes is a name synonym to trust and reliability in the field of landscape design. Be it landscape design, maintenance or installation; we are the best you can get. It is our passion to do what we do. Our endeavor to transform dull, boring landscapes into a creative and stunning one has made us one of the best landscape designers in the whole of Sacramento. Our clients are our lifeline. Of all the years we’ve spent in this field working hard to become the best, we have learned to be 100% transparent with our clients. We always keep our prices at rock bottom and offer beyond excellent services. Our reputation, flexibility to work at any given time and healthy relations have enabled us to obtain materials at marginal prices. This plays an influential role in helping us quote the most inexpensive cost to our customers. Our services include Landscape Design and Consultations, Landscape Construction, Landscape Installations of almost any type and Landscape Maintenance.


Whether you’re looking for a lush relaxation area, a home garden to tend to, or even low water usage alternatives like xeriscapes and artificial turf, Pacific Landscapes has you covered. The knowledge we’ve acquired over the years regarding horticulture and microclimates has helped us design just the right environments to suit your needs. Imagination is the only limit.

Concrete and Hardscapes

With years of experience garnered over two decades, PacificLandscapes has come out on top in creating concrete and hardscapes that are both beautiful and functional. Our team is dedicated to building the perfect outdoor living space. We have the right experience and equipment to build your custom walkway or stairs that feel as good as they look. From RV parking to patios, flagstone to pavers, we’ve built it all.


Make part of your backyard feel like an extra room with a new structural addition. Have us build your new patio cover or gazebo so you can kick back and enjoy the shade during those summer months. Increase your storage capacity with a shed that’s custom designed to meet your needs.

Irrigation and Drainage

Water is vital for daily life, but also needs to be controlled. We at Pacific Landscapes will have your irrigation system expertly built and dialed in to support every type of plant in your yard to the fullest. And just as it is essential to bring water to your yard, it is just as important to drain it back out to prevent standing water from damaging your plants or home. We check our levels with laser accuracy to ensure your drainage encourages water to move away from your home properly.

Decks and Patios

Tired of looking at just a plain old lawn? Patios and decks create that inviting space in your yard, turning it into an area meant for relaxation, family meals, or entertaining guests. Whether wood or concrete, we’ll design your space to have the look and feel you desire.

Backyard Entertainment

If you’re looking to make your backyard more inviting to guests, what better way than to turn it into an entertainment area? Play a round with friends on your new bocce ball court, or enjoy some drinks around the fire pit. We’ve also designed custom outdoor kitchens that are great for hosting parties and cooking for those big family barbecues. For those who want to add that element of fun, we can assist you!

Walls and Fences

When it comes to walls and fences, you want your work to hold up (literally!). Too many times have we seen and replaced retaining walls that are falling over from having been built incorrectly. Our skilled teams take the proper care in building from the foundation on up so you can rest easy knowing your new wall is going to stand the test of time.


When the sun goes down, you can still enjoy the look of your landscaping with some well placed lighting. Highlight the best features in your yard during those twilight hours with some accent lights. We can compliment your new concrete steps with some step lights, giving them that modern look, or illuminate your new walkway with path lights to guide your way.

Water Features & Fountains

Visually kinetic elements like fountains and cascades can make great dramatic additions to your landscape, and give it a naturally relaxing sound and feel.
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